Discovering & Documenting England’s Lost Jews is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Our project is also kindly supported by:


Dr Julia Pascal
Ruth Posner
Katherine Barazetti
Dr Leya Landau
Annette Corbett
Ags Irwin


Ronald Harwood CBE
Lord Haskell

Pascal Theatre Company wishes to thank the following for their aid in consultancy and research in the project  Discovering & Documenting England’s Lost Jews. Your help has enriched our work which goes online for the official launch on 5 July 2020.

With thanks to

Bevis Marks Synagogue and The Jewish Museum

and the following consultants

Phillips Arditti

Nadia Arditti

Ralph Arditti

Andrew Abudlezer

Maurice Bitton

Sharon Buenos

Dr. Catarina Barceló Fouto 

Lecturer in Portuguese Studies Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

King’s College London

Ronen Kozokaro

Judith Cohen

Kim Cohen

The late Morris Farhi

Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira 

Daniel Leon

Ronnie Leon

Abigiail Morris 

Kris Musikant

Rabbi Julia Neuberger

David Ricardo-Pearce

Alison Rosen, Executive Director the Sephardi Community

Ezra Sassoon

Guy Sasson

Anne Sassoon

Alec Nacamuli

Edwin Shuker

Ruth Timan

The Stern Family Trust

Daniel Wildmann

Julian Weiss

Professor of Medieval & Early Modern Spanish, King’s College, London University

We welcome any contribution from  all who may have research on the return of Jews to England and areas of Jewish life which have not yet been documented. 

Personal and family stories are of great interest to us. 

We are particularly interested in the Novo Cemetery and the Sephardi  communities in England and Britain.

Please be in touch through this email