We would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the project over the past two years. Without their tireless input and support we would not have been able to achieve our shared aim: to research and celebrate the story of Sephardi Jews in England. Thanks to you all!

Discovering & Documenting England’s Lost Jews is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Our project is also kindly supported by:


Discovering and Documenting England’s Lost Jews was a huge collective effort, with input not just from the project team members, but also from our impressive team of volunteers who were involved in virtually all aspects of the project. Below is the list of everyone involved, with members of the project team indicated in bold.

Project Director: Julia Pascal

Producer: Susannah Kraft Levene

Oral History Coordinator: Polly Rogers

Oral History Interviewees:

Andrew Abdulezer,
Haim Algranati,
George Anticoni,
Ros Anticoni,
Nadia and Ralf Arditti,
Raya Brody,
Elliot Cohen,
Shirley Goodman,
Enid Jenshil,
Basil Jeuda,
Ray Kann,
Ronen Kozokardo,
Sylvia Manasseh,
Maisie Meyer,
Alec Nacamuli,
Guy Sasson and David Tachauer

Oral History Interviewers:

Melvyn Artwarg,
Carey Armstrong,
Anne Krisman Goldstein,
Stéphane Goldstein,
Jess Hatton,
Eli Keren,
Gabrielle Levy,
Julia Pascal
Moses Seitler,
Clare Shinebourne,
Lisa Thompson
and youth members from Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue

Oral History Transcribers:

Amber Barrow,
Alix Lee,
Maxwell Levy,
Sally Mijit,
Cindy Mindell,
Sally Mitchell,
Simrun Nijar,
David Prashker,
Alice Riley,
Freyde Sayers and Aviva Spitzer.

One Lost Stone, Artistic Director: Thomas Kampe

One Lost Stone, Assistant Director: Matt Emeny

One Lost Stone, Compositions & Sound Design: Ronen Kozokaro

One Lost Stone, Paintings: Anne Sassoon

One Lost Stone, Actors:

Tiran Aakel,
Atilla Akinci,
Jessica Claire,
Norma Cohen,
Tiago Gambogi,
Max Griffiths, 
Gillian Harris,
Jonathan Hansler,
Ags Irwin,
Ruth Lass,
Fiz Marcus, 
Jeanette Maykels,
Samanatha Pearl and her baby Pearl Knoop,
David Ricardo-Pearce,
Miguel Ron,
Xavier de Santos,
Anna Savva,
Delicia Sefiha,
Ruth D’Silva,
Peter Silverleaf,
Roger Sloman,
Saria Steyl,
Sam de la Torre

One Lost Stone Workshop Performers:

Tiran Aakel,
Deborah Beale,
Rob Bellamy,
Jasmine Chiswell,
Fraser Clark,
Norma Cohen,
Caitlin Daly,
Seer Dindial,
Sam Edwards, 
Maeve Elmore,
Odette Gaba,
Isidore Gaba,
Anne Goldstein, 
Jess Hatton,
Laura Higgins,
Pablo Laguna,
Julia Langley,
Gabrielle Levy,
Fiz Marcus,
Billie-Jo Rainbird,
Zoe Reeve,
Aso Sherabayani,
Clare Shinebourne,
Ruth D’Silva, 
Saria Steyl,
Astrid Swenson,
Mattea Thomas-Gray

Education and Workshop Coordinator: Del Taylor

Workshops Organisational Support: Anna Roche 

Research Coordinator: Stéphane Goldstein


Miranda Fina,
Emma Finnerty,
Anne Krisman Goldstein,
Stéphane Goldstein,
Thomas Kampe,
Gabrielle Levy,
Kevin Martin,
Sally Mijit,
Julia Pascal,
Andreas Salcedo,
Lisa Thompson

Filming and recording: Yaron Lapid, Mark Norfolk, Oscar Kraft

Web Development: Frog Morris, Liza Frank

Online Marketing and Social Media: Liza Frank (until June 2019), Natalie Beech, (from October 2019)

E-book Editor and Designer: Stéphane Goldstein

With thanks also to:

Dr Vivienne Avramoff.

Bevis Marks Synagogue

Creative Corporealities Research Group at Bath Spa University

Jules Deering at Queen Mary, University of London

Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue

Rabbi Danny Kada, Wembley Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue

High Trees Community Development Trust

Dr Jacqueline Hopson

Sally Mitchell

Oral History Society 

Resources for Autism

Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira, Spanish & Portuguese Sephardi Community Archive

Studio 3 Arts

Prof Astrid Swenson at Bath Spa University

Dr Richard White at Bath Spa University

Ags Irwin
Abigail Morris
Alec Nacamuli
Andrew Abdulezer
Andrew Lucas
Anna Savva
Anne Krisman Goldstein
Arian Reyhanian
Aso Sherabayani
Asya Gefter
Atilla Akinci
Basil Jeuda
Cerys Lapwood
Charlie Dannel
Christina Welch
Claire Shinebourne
Daniel Leon
Daniel Wildmann
David Tachauer
Debbie Beale
Dillon Persoff
Dr Leya Landau
Dr Vivienne Avramoff
Dr. Catarina Barceló Fouto, Lecturer in Portuguese Studies Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, King’s College London
Edwin Shuker
Eli Keren
Emma Finnerty
Erika Hughes
Ethan Sugars
Eugenie Dodd
Eve Hahn
Ezra Sassoon
Gabrielle Levi
Gail Rosten
Guy Sasson
Haim Algranati
Harry Bilgora Kelly
Hugo Billen
Ian Saville
Inbal Leitner
Isabel Gaba
Jack Clapper
Jasmine Chiswell
Jeanette Maykels
Jeannine Wyman
Jessica Claire
Jessica Hatton
Joe Blackstein
Joel Ware
Jonathan Hansler
Josh Gottlieb
Judith Cohen
Judith Cohen
Judith Gubbay
Julia Langley
Julian Weiss,Professor of Medieval & Early Modern Spanish, King’s College, London University
Juliana Vandegrift
Keith Blackstein
Kevin Martin
Kim Cohen
Kris Musikant
Lady Antonia Fraser
Laura Higgins
Laura Samuels
Laurence Stein
Lesley Lightfoot
Lindy Weinreb
Lisa Rose
Maeve Elmore
Mandy Blackstein
Marianne Ricardo
Marion Cohen
Mary Stewart
Maurice Bitton
Max Rinehart
Melvyn Altwarg
Michael Burman
Michael Hahn
Miriam Rodrigues Pereira
Morris Reiss
Nadia Arditti
Nini Ugalava
Norma Cohen
Odette Gaba
Olivia Chakrabarty
Peter Silverleaf
Phillip Arditti
Professor Daniel Wildmann
Professor Dr Mick Hattaway
Professor Julian Weiss
Rabbi Danny Kada
Rabbi Emily Reitsma Jurman
Rabbi Julia Neuberger
Ralph Arditti
Raphael George Anticoni
Raya Brody
Rev. Judi Hattaway
Robert Bellamy
Roberto Nigro
Roger Sloman
Ronnie Leon
Rosa Ramos
Rosalyn Anticoni
Rosemary Eshel
Roy Clapper
Ruth D’Silva
Ruth Lass
Ruth Posner
Ruth Timan
Sam Ware
Samantha Pearl+Pearl Knoop
Sarah Gudgin
Saria Steyl
Saul Morris
Serge Dindial
Sharon Buenos
Shirley Goodman
Susanna Kow
The late Morris Farhi
The Stern Family Trust
Tiran Aakel
Zoe Czavdaredo
Zoe Reeve

Ariel Lapid
Dorith Lapid
Freyde Sayers


Katherine Barazetti
Annette Corbett
Ags Irwin
Dr Leya Landau
Dr Julia Pascal
Ruth Posner


Ronald Harwood CBE
Lord Haskell