Sephardi Jews left Spain and Portugal to find refuge in the Ottoman Empire. They lived in the countries we now know as Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Greece as well as the former Yugoslavia, North Africa, Yemen and in India. Most of them absorbed the local culture and lived with a double heritage.

Part of the excitement of our journey is learning about how these different waves of displacement influenced English life over the centuries and also today. This includes the experience of Jews who came from Arab countries where many lived peacefully alongside Muslims. As well as examining the Cromwellian and post Republican English history, the project will look at new immigrants – Jews arriving with elements of Arabic cultures in their histories.

We are looking for volunteers to help us document Sephardi oral histories and to participate in One Lost Stone.

Owing to the current Coronavirus emergency we are not holding a public live event on 5 July but we shall be livestreaming fascinating discoveries, interviews and talks on that day. Please watch this space.


Julia Pascal, Artistic Director

Sephardi Jewish couple from Sarajevo in traditional clothing. Photo taken in 1900.

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There are many different ways you can get involved and help us enrich the project. We’re looking for people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, religions and ethnicities to join us, and depending on the role, some training will be provided.