here you can access abbreviated transcripts of the interviews conducted for the Discovering and Documenting England’s Lost Jews: Oral History programme.

NAME    1.WHEN AND WHERE BORN 2.Date of interview if known + interviewer    HEADINGS IN THE TRANSCRIPTSKEYWORDS
ABDULEZER, ANDREW  Born Manchester, England Interviewed 20 Jan 2020 by Stephane Goldstein  BACKGROUND FAMILY LANGUAGES EARLY MEMORIES OF LIFE IN EGPYT JEWISH IDENTITIES EXPELLED FROM EGYPT JOURNEY TO SWITZERLAND ANOTHER MOVE – TO ENGLAND (and Russia) MARRIED AND FAMILY LIFE SEPHARDI VOICESManchester, Iraq, Holland Park Synagogue, Lauderdale Road Synagogue, Iraqi Jews, Syria, Israel, Baghdad, Arabic language, Food, Novo Cemetery, Queen Mary University, architecture, Velho Cemetery
ALGRANATI, HAIM  Born 1954, Israel Interviewed 19 Aug 2019 by Gabrielle Levy, Polly Rogers  TURKISH SEPHARDI HERITAGE FIGHTER TO CREATOR FAMILY AND COMMUNITY FAMILY HISTORYIsrael, Turkey, Spanish Inquisition, Ladino, French, food, Yom Kippur War, music, violins, jewellery, Masorti synagogue, Granada, Spain, Auschwitz, America, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy Argentina  
ANTICONI, GEORGE  Born 1933 London, England Interviewed 3 Oct 2019 by Moses Seitler  PATERNAL FAMILY HISTORY MATERNAL FAMILY HISTORY FAMILY LANGUAGES SYNAGOUGE STORIES BAR MITZVAH IMPORTANCE OF FOOD  Constantinople, Paris, Ladino, Holland Park Synagogue, France, Food, Bar Mitzvah
ANTICONI, ROS  Born 1937 London Interviewed 3 Oct 2019 by Moses Seitler  FAMILY ROOTS LOSING LADINO VISITING TURKEY MIGRATION TO ENGLAND RELIGIOUS LIFE FAMILY MEMORIES SEPHARDI IDENTITYLadino, Food, Turkey, Hellenisation, Carpets, Holland Park Synagogue, Salonika, Spain
ARDITTI, NADIA  Born 1948, Istanbul Interviewed 11 May 2020 by Yaron Lapid  SEPHARDI ROOTS MOVING TO SWITZERLAND LIVING IN ENGLAND BECOMING AN ARTIST JEWISH IDENTITY SEPHARDI IDENTITYTurkey, Istanbul, French, Greek language, Crete, Venice, Spain, Bar Mitzvah, Portugal, Ottoman, Empire, Marranos, Izmir, Switzerland, art, Ladino
ARDITTI, RALFBorn 1945, Istanbul Interviewed 11 May 2020 by Yaron Lapid  FAMILY HISTORY SEPHARDI HERITAGE SCHOOL DAYS AND WORKING LIFE ISRAELI ISSUES PRAGMATIC APPROACH JEWS IN TURKEYTurkey, Istanbul, Ladino, Wealth Tax, Izmir, Ottoman Empire, Bevis Marks Synagogue, French language, antisemitism, Israel, hudna
BRODY, RAYA  Born 1963 Israel Interviewed 15 Oct 2019 by Eli Keren  IT ALL STARTED IN SPAIN FAMILY HISTORY LADINO PARENTS ‘MIXED MARRIAGE’ GRANDMOTHERS INFLUENCE ITS NOT WHAT YOU SAY MY JEWISH IDENTITY THE SEPHARDI-ASHKENAZI DIVIDE SPANISH RESTITUTIONSpanish Inquisition, Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Izmir, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Israel, Vienna, Argentina, Ladino, Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish, Ashkenazi, food, synagogue, Northern Africa, Arabic, Spanish passports   
COHEN, ELIOTT  Born 1949 Alexandria, Egypt Interviewed 10 Nov 2019 by Young people at Edgware & Hendon Reform Synagogue                 EARLY LIFE IN EGYPT SEPHARDI TRADITIONS LEAVING EGYPT ARRIVING IN BRITAIN FAMILY DIASPORAEgypt, Aden, Turkey, Syria, Alexandria, French, Music, Food, Passover, Suez, Nasser, Bar Mitzvah, Israel
JENSHIL, ENID    (nee Da Costa)Written submission spring 2019    FATHERS EARLY LIFE PORTUGUESE ROOTS LIFE IN LONDON UNCLES STORY PARENTS’ DEMISELondon, Da Costa, Portugal, Ashkenazi, Bevis Marks synagogue, Yiddish, Bournemouth, Hebrew, Hoop Lane Cemetery (Golder’s Green)
JEUDA, BASIL  Born 1936 Manchester, England Interviewed 4 June 2020 by Julia Pascal  ROMANIOTE TRADITION FAMILY MOVES TO MANCHESTER LAST LADINO SPEAKERS IN MANCHESTER MY WORKING LIFE SEPHARDIM IN MANCHESTER CLASS AND RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCESManchester, Salonika, Romaniote, Ottoman Empire, Ioannina (Greece), New York City, Turkey, Cairo, Ladino, French, Ashkenazi, Manchester Jewish Museum, Belisha, Manchester Synagogues – Masorti, Bevis Marks, Whittington, Greater, class, Habonim, JNF-UK
KANN, RAY  Born London, England Interviewed 10 Nov 2019 by Young members of Edgeware and Hendon Reform Synagogue  WHERE SEPHARDIM COME FROM THE SPAINISH INQUISITION SEPHARDI ANCESTORS IN AMSTERDAM AMSTERDAM’S ‘POTUGUESE SYNAGOGUE’ PATERNAL FAMILY HISTORY TRACING SEPHARDI HISTORY THE HISTORY OF JEWS IN ISRAELAmsterdam, Sephardi heritage, Spanish Inquisition, Catholics, Portugal, Spain, Rabat (Morocco), Belgrade, Dutch language, food, Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam, Dutch Jewish Historical Museum, Germany, Kristallnacht, Babylon, Jewish slaves, Iraq, North Africa, Tunis, Israel, Canaan, Romans, Jerusalem
KOZOKARO, RONEN  Born Be’er Sheva, Israel Interviewed by Lisa Thompson  FAMILY HISTORY MIZRAHI TRADITIONS FAMILY MOVES TO ISRAEL MUSIC MUSIC COLLEGE MOVING TO LONDON MY BAND SHIRIsrael, Mizrahi, Passover, Purim, Songs, Music, Romania, Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, Army, London
MANNASEH, SYLVIA  Born 1918 Calcutta, India Interviewed by Melvin Altwarg  WARTIME IN CALCUTTA POST-WAR EXPERIENCES IN ENGLAND AND SINGAPORECalcutta, India, Singapore, Jewish women, Art teacher,
MEYER, MAISIE  Born 1940 Calcutta, India Interviewed 27 Nov 2019 by Eli Keren  BAGHDADI JEWS IN INDIA BAGHDADIS AND THE ENE ISRAEL FAMILY MEMORIES MOVING TO ENGLAND FAMILY RELIGION AND INDENTITY FOOD CULTURE LEARNING ABOUT THE HOLOCAUSTBaghdadi Jews, Iraq, Aleppo, Syria, Calcutta, Dawud Pasha, David Sassoon, East India Company, Judo-Arabic, Rangoon, Burma, Bene Israel, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Ashkenazi, Orthodox, Food, Holocaust
NACAMULI, ALEC  Born 1943 Alexandria, Egypt Interviewed 16 June 2020 by Julia Pascal  FAMILY LANGUAGES EARLY MEMORIES OF LIFE IN EGYPT JEWISH IDENTITIES EXPELLED FROM EGYPT JOURNEY TO SWITZERLAND ANOTHER MOVE- TO ENGLAND (AND RUSSIA) MARRIED AND FAMILY LIFE SEPHARDI VOICES UKGreece, Syria (Aleppo), Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, expulsion of Jews, Eliahu Hanavi synagogue), Battle of El Alamein, Manchester, Arabic, French, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Masorti Synagogue, Lauderdale Road synagogue, Israel, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Jewish youth movements, Sephardi Voices UK
SASSON, GUY  Born Egypt Interviewed 27 Nov 2019 by Jess Hatton and Carey Armstrong  LIFE IN EGYPT EXPULSION OF THE JEWS COMING TO ENGLAND ASHKEFARDI TRADITIONS PASSOVER TRADITIONS AND FOODS LOVE OF MUSICSyria, Egypt, Marriage rituals, Lauderdale Road Synagogue, Masorti, Bar Mitzvah, Passover, Rosy Hashana, Food, Music
TACHAUER, DAVID  Born 1949 Interviewed 5 Aug 2019 by Anne Krisman Goldstein  EARLY FAMILY HISTORY A FAMILY DIVIDED MEETING MY WIFE YEMENITE CONNECTIONS MIMI’S FAMILY HISTORY DEADLY OPPORTUNITYBohemia, France, Holland, London, Barbados, Canada, Israel, Yemenites, Mizrahi, Marlborough Road Synagogue, Food, Magic Carpet evacuation, mesothelioma

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